96– Random Scribbles (While Medicated)


– The lights went off a few minutes ago, and I wished you were a phone call away. Then I remembered, you’re way closer.

– I wish I wear your favourite kind of smile.

– Sometimes, it feels like crossing a mountain, then I remember, it was only a pebble in someone else’s journey.

– If it’s not about what you do, then it’s about who you are. And if it’s not about who you are, then it’s about who you could be.

– If you fail at something, it’s simple. You either try harder, or you try something else.

– Sometimes God surprises us with pleasant rewards, like miracles for instance. It’s His way of telling us that there will always be so much better than what we thought was best.

– He was such an inspiration for the ways I’ll never choose to be.

– I think you’re cute.

– I’d rather have roses on my table. I want roses, what’s so complicated about that?
I want a single flower, you don’t have to be my boyfriend to buy me flowers.

– We can always find the peace we’re looking for in the now.

– It’s always a good thing to have something to look forward to. It’s always great when you get it.

– I was watching you while you were watching me. I’ll always hold on to this moment.

– Everyday learn  five new things. Something about yourself. Something about the people you love. Something about history. Something about the world. And something about a stranger.

– Never again will I try to understand what’s behind the look in your eyes.

– I love my flu medication.

– Farida once told me that we don’t have to be old to fall in love, we have to be able to. Farida is 5.

– If I could, I would look at you the same way. I promise.

– Let’s keep the conversation silent for a while, I am in love with how loud the comfort could be.


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