I want to start this blog post by thanking God. For He granted me everything that made this possible. And He gave me the family I think anyone should wish for. Alhamdulilah.

Today, according to everyone who saw, called, or observed me, I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was being accompanied by a very loyal fever that wouldn’t leave me!

I sat in bed, with a pile of books to read, a laptop that I frequently turn to, a notebook and my dear coloured pens and some very loud soothing music.

But today I met Moksha.

Moksha, according to Indian religions means “release” or “liberate“. Introduced to the concept through the pages of Aldous Huksley’s book: Moksha, it only took me a few lines to fall in love with it. I fell in love with the depth of the meaning, purpose and message. Every once in a while we all need a Moksha from our own, we need to set our souls free and strive for that maximal release. We find ourselves holding too much energy and wondering where to direct it, while a smile or a kind gesture would easily liberate and guide it outside your body. We find ourselves in a need to embrace the simplicities that bring meaning to our everyday life.

My mum walked in to tell me that they were going out and that if I need anything I can call my grandmother, she gave me a neatly wrapped box and kissed me. She told me that it’s for making her a proud mum. I smiled, kissed her on the forehead and she left.

I opened the box, to find a beautiful necklace I’ve wanted for SO long. It’s a snowflake pendant, held by a pearl-shine string; utter beauty. For me, a snowflake would most likely resemble my existence. I might tell you why in another post, but for now, let’s stick to my mother’s gift. A roll-down note was hanging from the necklace, it read as follows:
You’ve been gifted by the talent of words. You’ve been gifted by a heart and a character. You’ve been gifted by beauty and kindness. But we’ve been gifted by “you”. Love, Mum and Dad

How such simple words can leave imprints on our hearts, shows the unique strength and power of language. We are on this Earth to live out our lives, and we make choices everyday that impact the world around us. They could have made the choice of not getting me a gift, I did not even think for a second that they might get me anything. On the contrary, I believe that I am the one that owes them a lot for the love and support they’ve been showing me the past couple of weeks.

Yet, today Moksha taught me a new thing, and that is letting our light be contagious. I’m not Buddha, and I’m not preaching anything here, but come to think of it, my parents could sense the energy I was carrying for the past two weeks, the passion and commitment I’ve been directing towards a cause, and the happiness that was beaming from my face the day I was rewarded with the outcome of my hard work. I enlightened their lives without even noticing. I let Moksha in and she let me out :)

In a way, I became selfless. In a way, I am now infinite.

May you all find your way to Moksha, or better yet, may it happen and you catch yourself having it unnoticed.

P.S: for me, Moksha is a beautiful girl. She enlightens others with the pure beauty of kindness, laughter, compassion and love. She releases distress and liberates that negative emotion I happen to stumble across every once in a while. Moksha gives life to every smile meant at me and in every true embrace I receive. Let me know who your Moksha is ;)


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