Theory Says


So let’s say that theoretically I like you, and that theoretically you give me butterflies.
And in theory, only in theory, you’re one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. And in a hypothetical world, my heart beat goes 10x when I see you.
So in the most theoretical sense ever,  would you supposedly feel the same way?

Girls out there want the fairy tale, and well I really don’t mind that, but I’d rather wrestle with you till we end up cuddling, watch you laugh at my jokes even if they’re not funny, fight over football teams, let you make fun of me to see you smile and go to bed in your oversized old t-shirt because it smells like you.  Girls want the fairy tale and a horse ride is never a bad thing, but thumb wars with you definitely beat that for me.

And I’m sure you are out there, not just in theory.


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