Today came. Today came too soon. Today came to an end. Today came to an end too soon.

Today, I can’t find the right words to describe everything I’m feeling. I experienced a whole new level of emotions. I grew up today. It’s wonderful how in times like this, specially when it comes to AIESEC GUC, that I fail to pick the right words. I’m always too inspired to just put it all together, but eventually the right words, right emotions and just about everything falls into place :)

Menna Essam, Salma El-Alfy, Ahmed Bassiouni, Karim El-Naka, Maie Zohair, Bella Omar, Nadine Hodeib, Alaa Eldeeb, Ahmed Tawfik, Dina Ismail and Ahmed Safwat, one day just brought us all closer together. Thank you for today. Thank you is not ever going to be enough, but thank you is all I could think of to say.

Today is somehow, going to change the rest of our lives. Let’s hope it’s for the better. I love you all ♥


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