Today my very beloved Autumn brought another day of Winter into my life, a cool-wind soft-sun day.

Today, Julie’s name and mine were published in the Gives Me Hope book, couldn’t be happier.

Today, Rana got married to the love of her life. She waited, or better yet, he gently just happened to come along.

Today, I missed you when you did not show up. I didn’t know it would mean this much to me.

Today, I’ve been told by more than one person that I am an inspiration. I’m lost for words with a responsibility that’s more of an honour.

Today, I tucked you into bed and I thought you were in deep sleep, you held my hand and murmured that you love me. You are five years old, but you never fail to surprise me with your innocent and selfless love.

Today, the girl in the movie I watched was the closest thing to a train wreck always waiting to happen, she finally crashed in order to give herself a chance at a fresh start.

Today, I saw a guy speaking of his insecurities out loud, I am still confused whether I should be impressed, pitiful or disgusted.

Today, I went out with Nadine (my best friend) and I saw her in a state she’s never been like before. She thinks she was hyper and energized. I think she was happy. She was/is beautiful. She was real.

Today a lot of things happened, a lot of good things.. of course I still stumbled across a few rough moments along the day, but I happened to experience things that you’ve missed out on, and so did I when it comes to you, and so did everyone.
So take a moment here, instead of thinking about all that you’re missing out on, consider what you have that everyone else is missing. You’re special. You’re unique. And you’re definitely beautiful. Don’t let fears of what could be ruin that. After all, what could be is a million times better than what will never happen because you never had the courage to think about.


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