Even miracles take a little time…

You’re up. You’re not running around or talking at speed of 100 words per minute, but you can see me and you smile when I say something funny.
You hold my hand back because I’m Nesma and not just for human contact, at least now I know that for sure.

You are so beautiful, so very beautiful.

It’s like the past year has never happened. You really are my miracle. They said it’s almost impossible, never spoke of it being a possible miracle.
Keep wearing your smile and I’ll never take off my hope.

I was told to let go and move on. I was very close, but something always held me back, like it was physically impossible for me to do it. I thank God I did not.
I will never consider giving up again, no matter how much it hurts at certain times, eventually, it’s worth it. Seeing you smile after all this time, is totally worth it.

And now it’s tears of joy. lots and lots of joy.
You’ve came a long way down here. We’ve all done. In a way, we should be proud.

Wifey, you’re coming back home. Keep going. We really really miss you.

I love you beautiful ♥

Alhamdulilah men qabl w men baa’d


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