When forever is in present tense…


And they were one another’s forever and happily ever after.

Because something always new and different happens when they see each other. He can’t say what will happen next because he never knows, and even if nothing new happens, they will always have what they’ve done in the past, even if he doesn’t remember their wedding vows, he feels them when he looks into her old wrinkled eyes. In her eyes, he’s home.

For every act of love she’d shown through the years, he owed her an extra piece of his heart and soul. And today, he stands hand in hand with her failing to recognize anything or anyone but her. He had even forgotten his own name, his job, his favourite football team, every little thing about him was erased from his head, but his love for her never faded away, because it started in his heart and that’s where it will always stay. A loving heart never forgets.

Among the confusion, the faded images and the self-doubting, his first thoughts when he wakes up are -and have always been- of her. For a few moments every morning he’s safe and he knows who he is, his love for her defines him.

Alzheimer’s has consumed almost every ounce of health he has, she could easily send him to an elderly home and visit him daily, but instead, she does his everything for him.
And when asked: why she does this?
Her answer was that the day she saw that young man, her heart skipped a beat for him and started beating for no one else. He’s the prince she wanted ever since she was a little girl. And on their wedding day, when she looked him in the eye and promised him forever and ever, she meant to make forever their every living minute. As their yesterday slowly slips away from his head, she’s making a new today worth it.

For as long as they’ve lived together he made her cry not by hurting her, but by making her so happy she could not control the tears. And her embrace kept him warm and comfortable every night. No one else could have been more fit than these two.

They asked him why he’s fighting so hard when he could let go and rest in heaven. He pointed at her, smiled and said: I have a heaven of my own and I call her my wife.

She is his forever. He is her happily ever after.
And they still tremble when they touch…


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