Dear Old Friend, Please Listen..


You don’t really know who I am, you only know who you want me to be.

You don’t get to hate her.

All she did was to love you.

You don’t get to hate her because she loved you.

Stop treating her like she’s something that happened to you.

If you can look her in the eyes, and tell her you never loved her.. maybe then she’d walk away and never speak of it again, but you can’t. you won’t.

And then again, she can’t stay mad at you for long for hurting her, because for long, she’s let you.

It’s actually funny, how very little it turned out that you know about her.

She loved you.

You don’t get to hate her.

Hating her will only hold her back to prove you otherwise.

Be kind while you could.

She really did love you.

But this might all be untrue. You might be more in love with her than she’d ever imagine.

But she’s not asking too much.

Love her like she deserves.

She will always love you.

And after all… you’re my wonderwall


One thought on “Dear Old Friend, Please Listen..

  1. Nessma that made me cry :'( bgd walahy ! that’s what i feel :( i can’t even describe how you touched my heart ! just couple of lines you wrote described me !

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