Today my uncle’s wife asked me what I was waiting for. I turned 19 last night and normally I should at least have a boyfriend.
I answered her by pointing at my uncle who was sitting at the other end of the room. I told her that I was waiting for this, I was waiting for a person who cares about me as much as he cares about her. A guy who’s willing to wait for me and I for him. A relationship where neither of us cares what anyone else thinks of us. I want someone to call me out of the blue, just to tell me they loved me, like that’s the most natural thing to say at anytime.

I want a guy who understands what an impulse is; an impulse  to want to put out your hand and want someone to be there at the end of your reach. Someone and not just anyone.

I don’t want to be number one, that leaves space for number two and three. I want to be the only one.

I will find love in the way he smiles at simple things while he thinks I’m not watching.. and he’ll fall in love with the things I will never know, the things that will forever keep me beautiful in his eyes.

I want someone who will swirl me around when he comes home.

I want simple.

I want the fairytale.


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