For the past few days I couldn’t access my blog due to some technicalities, and here I am four days later with hundreds of things to say and such few words to express!

What you don’t know and what I fail to understand is, the past 4 days, they’ve been pretty much one very long day. I barely ever reacted to anything during these days, I was merely an observer. It was my birthday weekend. It was very special. I was loved and needed throughout every single moment. For four days, I was truly blessed.

I take it back now, I was not an observer, though I observed many shades of how a person could love another, how happiness could sometimes be so concrete nothing could bring it down, how God could grant you the blessing of a loving family and friends it takes your mind off to a whole different level of faith. I was in a better place than an observer. I received. I received warmth, happiness, gratitude, loyalty and many other amazing things.
From a one-in-a-million best friend who brought me breakfast in bed and didn’t leave me for a second for two consecutive days, to another one who spent her entire day making videos for me to make the day pass easier (I was very scared. long story), to a merely close friend who managed to come over despite her eye-injury, to one great friend who showed up despite her broken heart, to a very special person who managed to not forget to call me despite being the most forgetful person I know so far.. I just wouldn’t be done with gestures of love.

This year, all the love in the world fell together to help me celebrate the best birthday in the entire world.


This year I missed you so dearly, but this year I felt your love from wherever you are.
Come home soon wifey :)


You know yourselves, thank you for making me this happy this year. I owe you a lot. Stay around forever.




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