Once Upon Today


Time will tell your story.. only if you let it happen

Today he pulled her hair during recess.
Today she cried to her mommy after she went home from school saying that he was mean.

Today he brought her a single rose.
Today she made fun of him in front of their entire class for being sissy.

A few years after,

Today she watched him ask the captain cheerleader to prom.
Today she donated her prom dress money to the less fortunate.

Today he came to her door with a beautiful flower corsage.
Today she left for prom with that other popular guy.

After a little while,

Today they left for college.
They thought their luck has changed.

Today she cried all night after seeing him with another girl.
Today he stayed up the entire night thinking of the stupid mistakes he does.

Today he left her a note in her textbook.
Today she lent that very same book to a guy who likes her in their class.

More years in time,

Today he watched another man go down on his knees and put that ring around her finger.
Today they smiled at each other with bitterness in their eyes.

Today she watched him exchange vows with a beautiful woman.
Today she wasn’t the only person who wished she were in her place.

After 5 years,

Today he walked into that hospital room with a smile and a balloon.
Today she named her son after him.

Today she went to his wife’s baby shower.
Today she brought her some of the toys they shared as children.

Many years after,

Today he walked his daughter down the aisle.
Today she was the one to fix her veil.

Today she held her grandchild for the first time.
Today he was the one with more tears in his eyes.

Not quite long later,

Today she lied on her death bed rewinding that tape inside her head.
Today he walked down the park they used to ride their bicycles around as children.

Today he was in excruciating pain, as if he lost a part of his soul.
Today she found her way to heaven.

That day his name was the last she murmured.
His heart couldn’t take the pain, it only took him a few days after her.
For more than 70 years they’ve been side to side, through thick and thin, in better and for worse, in sickness and in health, they applied the rules down right; only they were too scared to speak it out for it might ruin that special thing they had.. as if love, that thing they shared all along the years, was any less special.

They never wanted anything more than to be everything to one another, only they didn’t know it back then.. when it was possible to happen -even if it were for one day-.

They were too afraid of loss when they weren’t even each others’, as if that in itself was not enough loss.

Now you listen and you listen well, the love of your life will always be the love of your life, it doesn’t happen according to a place or a certain time, there will always be that person that stays at the back of your head, the same person who will drive you insane and push you away a lot of times, but also the very same person your heart skips a beat whenever you see them walking into a room, the person you fail to imagine life without at a time, the person who makes you smile foolishly when you’d rather smash their heads.
There will never be a perfect time for you to confess your love, perfect does not come everyday that’s if it comes.
But for always, there will be a person who brings out the best in you; NEVER let them go.

Love awaits no fools.
A loving heart is the easiest to break, the hardest to mend.
Don’t break someone’s heart and mourn for yours to be mended.
When you’re scared, the only thing that pays for your fears is your heart.

Seek that special moment in time, love once and for always. And your story, time will tell :)

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