Today a close friend of mine forgot we were on the phone when he met another friend of his as he was walking around campus. He got indulged into another conversation for a few minutes and I received another phone call and had to hang up.

In a sense, we both took each other for granted over a simple phone call, he believed that he’ll find me on the other end when he returns to the phone and I believed it would be okay to hang up, receive the other call and then call him back.

I find no problem with that. In fact, I took it as a compliment.

There are many ways to look at being taken for granted, one is; you’ve become a comfortable, trusted element in someone else’s life.
How could that ever be a bad thing?

We spend our lives wishing for and wishing away, but one can never wish not to become a fitting piece in someone’s life.


2 thoughts on “63

  1. Salma El-Khamy

    You have just inspired me, to remind a friend of mine who I took for granted that she’s the most special person in my life. And that I had to make sure she knows this very well despite how we both have taken each other for granted. :)
    Thank you Nesma, I really like all what you’ve written and would write one day isA. :)

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