I’ve been away on an AIESEC conference, and I didn’t have an access to my blog, that’s why I couldn’t update it over the weekend, so here I am, putting off thoughts of the past three days..

– You might think that life has changed as you know it, while in fact this life; this, is what you’ve always had, you just didn’t have the clear vision to see it, but now with the veil down, everything is too clear to be seen. Life is beautiful.

– We’re back. I’ve missed you so much. I’m grateful all of this has happened. This might be a great reason why I believe that everything happens for a reason now more than ever. Thank you.

– I caught that look in your eyes… Nothing ever left me THAT confused!

– Things have never been enough to just give up and leave, but at the same time, it’s not good enough to feel right.

– Now, that long road we talked about, yeah.. that one; seems infinite.

– Nothing beats the purity of the sound laughter carries.


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