The thing is; I’m living for something I can’t even explain.

I’ve stumbled and picked myself up, and stumbled and picked myself up … over and over again with no safety net sometimes. And it’s not as bad as they make it sound; stumbling and falling.. Even shattering can sometimes be the best thing that happens to you, as it might open your eyes to what you could be; gluing the pieces back together, you just gain a whole new perspective of all the things you would change, and breaking into pieces was your only chance to change them. Even though you might think you have lost it all upon hitting the ground, a very faint sound will always whisper that it’s not too late.

Sometimes things just don’t make any sense because that’s the whole point of it; some things are meant to remain senseless, sometimes all you really have to do is keep on wondering.. till you understand the beauty of letting go.

You are, just as anyone else, every day’s average typical extraordinary person. You grew up in spite of all you know. You might very well fail to recognize yourself tomorrow. We’re all prone to change. And we all have the same two options; we either accept or we fail to get back to living.

Funny thing is, living; that’s very relative.

Enough for one night, Good night Cairo!


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