In the world of curly hair, mine is the least defined.

and so it is…

I’ve always wanted curly hair, as in big defined gorgeous curls. I never got that. My hair just fails to curl UP. It goes in all directions but UP.

My mum would always tell me to give up trying. It’s been 5 long years and I was never close to “curly”. I never gave up though to the extent that curly hair made it to my “To-Do before I die” list.

After tons of hair products, several bad hair burns and endless hours at the salon….

Today, I got my curly hair, perfectly defined curls that fly around my head and I wear them in pride.
I got my big curls and everything good else came with it.
From an amazing OGX day (Alhamdulilah) to the most delicious diet banana bread I’ve baked in a while.

Today, suddenly everything counts with meaning :)

Thank you curly hair for giving me a reason to smile at everything!


Yes wifey, it’s the little things.. I miss you ♥


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