You’ve failed many times though you don’t remember. You fell so many times when you tried to take your first steps. You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim. And the ball hit you straight in the face on your first day of goalkeeping when you were 6. Your first hair cut was hideous and you don’t remember because your mom hid all the pictures.

Now you run everyday for 30 minutes before starting your day. You swim wherever there’s water. And you are the best goalkeeper among your friends. You have the most gorgeous wavy full hair any girl could ever dream of.

But you don’t remember any of that. You won’t. So it’s not really failure that we should be worrying about. It’s all the chances you miss when you don’t even try, when you compromise yourself, when you dream small when you can dream big, and when you give up before hope even arrives.

Please don’t sacrifice who you are or what you could be just because someone else has a problem with it. Eventually, you’ll know about those who find you great.

Alway try, again and again and again. In the end it’s worth it, every single minute of it :)


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