Forgetful Julie


You wake up indifferently
Staring into space
Shreds of memories  of who you are
chase the penguins inside of your heart,
And forgetful Julie, I’d remind you everyday
Forgetful Julie, I was brought here to stay
If that’s what it takes,
then I’ll set up a tent in your backyard
and wait for your smile to remind you
of how beautiful we all are..
because we still have you.
And forgetful Julie, I’d tell you tales you’ve never heard
Forgetful Julie, tales that grew old at the back of your head.
You think you don’t know us,
but the truth is; you know us best.
Forgetful Julie, just smile your way home
and leave out all the rest
Oh how beautiful, your chuckle could be,
Forgetful Julie, here I lay a little piece of me..


I love you wifey <3


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