You catch yourself in a moment and you’re like… wait wait… I’m happy!

Today was simple. Today was a very average day.

Today, I am happy :)

I woke up, headed to the gym, worked out to sweats, then back home to a long bubbly bath.
Received a phone call from Adham, an hour later he passed by my house, dropped off some stuff. He had his dog with him, one of the most adorable dogs any can ever see, and despite his size, he was very friendly and cute. Rusty- that’s his name, had the most beautiful puppy eyes ever. But because of course nothing goes perfectly, Rusty had eaten zucchini; which I’m allergic to, but nevertheless, he was worth some rapid rash :)

Had another shower, a warm cup of green tea and an antibiotic pill (for the rash), babysat my 9 months old cousin for a while, then got dressed and went shopping with my mother. We stopped doing that because we never fail to argue when it comes to shopping specifically. But today, she let me pick everything I felt comfortable in without arguing or pointing out to how plain it looked. I guess she’s finally at peace with my sense of style. I do not remember carrying so much shopping bags in my entire life; it felt so good. After all, I am one of the people who consider shopping a sport xD

Before going home, we passed by a gallery because my mum wanted to buy a gift for a newly wedded couple. There was a couple there buying stuff to furnish their new home. They held hands throughout the entire time and never failed to smile whenever their eyes met. People like them give me hope. God bless them :)

Other good things happened during the day too, Mona Bassel chased Ahmed Bially around campus (I can so imagine her running after him) because I needed to get an AIESEC banner done today and Ahmed had some helpful contacts. They were both so helpful, although they did not have to do it (thank you people <3). And Amr Alaa, an OGX member, was so reliable and up to the task when I asked him to find us a print-house that could get the job done tonight because the one we were going to deal with closes at 7.30 and it was 5.30 at the time. AND NOW WE HAVE THE BANNER PERFECTLY DONE *YAY*.

Here I am, the day is almost over, but my smile is not (Alhamdulilah).
The day wasn’t loud, stressful or even close to being inspiring, but that’s where I found inspiration. I do not have to dig deep or pour out my innermost emotions. Every once in a while I can just state some facts, some average facts that made my day fine.
Happiness is always there, it just always comes at times you least expect it and at places you never looked at.

Be out there. Hold on to your faith, regardless of what you believe in. Love yourself. Love everyone. Be happy.


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