October and Pink! (A letter to Annoush)


“Je vais me battre comme un diable. Je vous le promets.- Annoush”

Last sentence I’ve heard before she left to the hospital. She promised she’d fight like hell. And although my french had grown very weak over the past 9 years, this sentence I remember very well.
Annoush was a fighter, a very strong one. She was there the day I turned 3. My nanny, my very beloved nanny. She was half french/half somalian (weird blend. I know) . She was beautiful in each and every way, long jet black hair and dark green eyes. Angelic voice, and all the tenderness in the world in her embrace. She was the best nanny anyone could ever have.

I didn’t quite understand how fatal cancer could be back then, but I remember Annoush getting thiner and weaker by the day. And although she managed to smile every time my sister and I visited her, I could always sense the weakness in her voice and in the way she held my hands.

She never promised she’d stay alive, she only promised she’d fight like hell. And she did. And although she was gone so quickly, she did fight her best. One more lesson I learned from her even after she was gone, never let your mouth promise what your heart can’t fulfill. She was courageous and optimistic, I smile my everyday because of her. She lived for my sister and I, she said that we’re why she’d stay alive, and that we’ll help her bear anyhow. How I miss her..

October is Breast Cancer Awareness International month. It’s here to honour all the fighters who gave in and the survivors who never gave up. It’s for Annoush and every woman like her. It’s for every family left broken because of cancer, for friends who cried for nights asking for mercy and patience, for hearts that stayed awake at night begging for spiritual strength for all they have to bear.

In honour of those people, we’re all going to be joining the marathon on the 23rd of October. Here’s the link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143501869028135. So  just clear your schedules; the 23rd is taken to honour those who smile at the face of pain.

Rest in peace Annoush, I will always always love you. Little did I know then, but your smile on my first school day is of the most precious moments I carry in my heart. I hope you’re smiling up in heaven. I hope I make you proud.

P.S: your pancakes are the best! Sorry mom.


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