When bad things happen, they usually say that the only way you could survive them is by finding the right way to deal with them, but is there a “right” way to deal with bad things?
The voice in my head would say “SMILE IT” like it usually does, and the other faint voice will say “TIME OFF”. And to be honest, smiling it became the norm, because time off is not the thing for me, I’m a people’s person. No matter how often I try to take time off, I always come back quickly.

Today, I realized a new thing, when bad things happen, in my head, the colours of everything go brighter. I see everything. All the possibilities. And it gets tough and scary, and at times I could be so depressed and lonely, but my self-adjusted brain makes me “smile it” and my head goes High Quality all by itself. And God granted me the best of friends and family to make sure that stays.

I see everything in different colours, and I thank God for that.

So if it ever goes really dark inside your head, try to smile, it goes HQ from there :)

P.S: you’re never too old for a colouring book. So to the person who left colouring books at my door at 3 am, thank you :)

This post is in honour of Khaled Halawa and Mona Bassel :)

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