Forget his name. Forget his face. Forget the embrace you never had, and the soft words you never listened to. Forget the times you never shared. Forget him when you hear the song that could have been yours. Forget the things you never planned to do. Forget how close he could have held you. Forget the way your fingers never crossed. Forget the times he would have made you happy by just being there. Forget the dreams he never had of you. Forget how he never made you mad. Forget all the times you knew he would be there. Forget the promises he never spoke of, and forget the “I’ll never leave” he never said.

But you still remember, his soft breath upon your cheek, the faint smile from the other end of the room, the glances you knew he stole, and the comfort his voice always brought. You love him. And he might never love you back in the same way, but he loves you still, and sometimes all you can ever do about that; is just become okay with it..
Because love will find a way to delude your heart and hide the truth from your mind, but never, could love hide what should be from your soul.

Your heart and mind will forever try to overpower your soul, But neither one, alone, or together, can overpower your soul, for they do not possess the ability, nor the strength. Only your soul can guide you, and when the time does come for you to make a decision, you must be prepared for an inner conflict between your heart and you mind, so painful, it can only be overcome by the strength your soul can provide. This is when you must force yourself to realize that your heart and your mind are the only links to your soul; they are controlled by your soul, and can act as one when you allow your soul to guide you.

So don’t. Don’t forget. :)


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