Never Leave Your Heart Alone..


The Moral of the story is, never leave your heart; never leave your heart alone..

I wonder why is it always that they never ask me if I could be the whole world to someone. I fail to see what’s sweet or thoughtful about that. It’s a huge responsibility, a commitment nobody could ever be up to– having someone else’s life revolving around you; as fairytale-ish as it might sound, it happens, and it’s not easy, not a single minute of it. Why? Because you go to bed one night, wake up the next day and *puff* you mean everything to somebody.
And you would totally love that to happen, one day, when you think you’d be prepared for it, but you’re never prepared to be loved, you’re only taught how to give love. Accepting love is divine and I’m not asking of you to do it, it happens, eventually, yet again, only when you want to fall too.

What’s ironic though, is that somebody does a lot of effort to find a someone, and when a someone is found, somebody wouldn’t give up on them and someone wouldn’t want somebody’s love to go to waste.. wasting moments of heartbreak and years of happiness instead. for either somebody or someone; because it hurts to be on the other end of a one-sided love too.

But when did this love happen, how did this heart fall? Somebody’s heart was just left alone.

If you do not tremble at his touch, your heart flutters at the thought of him and skips a beat in his presence, do not go for it. You’re causing permanent damage to what could easily be fixed.
Broken hearts eventually find a shelter, and they grow back; a heart never stops beating over a person no matter how much we wish it did. Everything grows back, hearts re-wire, warmth fills empty chambers and love eventually finds it’s way again. hard as it could be, long as it might take, in the very end, it just happens. Don’t be the fork stuck in the road when you can be the one to guide through.
So do not keep his heart broken on the line, because you’ll never love him the way he loves you. All you’d be doing is cherishing the love of someone you appreciate too much to cause them heartbreak. And instead of growing old together, years will pass, and all you’d have done is grown cold.

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