Everybody Loves


You have people who love you. You might not know it now, or anytime soon, but they really do matter, more than anything. And you think they don’t, but they’d take a bullet for you, even if it’s been months since your last conversation. Love might look different over time, the intensity might fade, but the spark remains alive, always, ever the same.

You have people who smile at you when they don’t have to, just in case you were having a bad day and a smile might make it slightly better.
They smile at you because that’s the least they could give and the most you can accept at a time. And they want to help. They really do.

You have people who care. People who’d take your 4 am phone calls and listen without a yawn or a complaint.
People who’d spend their prayers asking God to keep you safe or bring you back home. People who’d lose their sanity to bring back yours. People who when become so helpless can’t help but promise you that everything will be okay, because at that time you really need to hear it. People who were brought to this world, so that you can learn what it is to be thankful.

And then you have people you don’t really know, but can’t help but feel their kindness and compassion. And you can’t do anything but remember and appreciate. And in return, you’re doing the same for somebody else.

But then comes the stranger, the complete stranger who throws a greeting or a smile, and for a reason, that stranger’s love is more genuine than any of the people mentioned above. Because he doesn’t love you for who you are; he doesn’t know you, but he loves you for what you’ve seen in him to make you smile back or reply to a simple “Good morning”.

We’ve got people. We’ve got love. And we’ve still got ourselves. Some have got the remains and the shatters, but we all grow back, everything grows back, I promise you.

Hold on to your happiness, your happiness in everybody’s eyes. Because everybody cares, even if they deny.

Inspired by all Disney movies :)


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