I am not with you, I’m of you.


I am within you. Without you.

You’re chasing him, but who’s chasing you?

I’d like to believe that I make you smile. Even when I’m not trying.
And I know that with no strings, I’m not attached to anything. But I stay.

Don’t tell her you won’t go, she knows you will.

Believe me, you’re far from nothing.
You’re human.  You are the most human person I’ve ever met. And that makes you beautiful

I just want you to understand one thing, one very little thing. I’m holding your heart, in my trembling hands. And I can’t explain that, but you have to understand.

It doesn’t even have anything to do with you. It’s just easier this way, because when you fail all the tests, I won’t be disappointed, because they were set up in a way to ensure that you would fail. And, in turn, I would not be disappointed by the outcome.

Change note. You will never ever disappoint me, and if you do, that would make you even more beautiful. The flaws are what keep you real.

So maybe, I really do understand who I am.. just too proud or broken to face that you’re part of my existence. for always. As ever.

I love you.


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