The Colour of Silence


I only hoped that I’d hear your voice again.

I only hoped that you’ll call my name one more time.

And I prayed that the silence would not be so deafening.

But it was too loud..
You’ve forgotten all the words to be spoken,
You’ve let go of all the voices to be carried by the wind.

Humming through colours, shifting through melodies and shades.. the colour of silence has taken over. Forever.

Still, tonight I’d sink in my pillow and run through fields of memories we had; when silence carried more than colours.. when silence carried voices and sounds, and the strum of our heartbeats.

I miss you.


2 thoughts on “The Colour of Silence

  1. Mahmoud Ismael

    Hello, Nesma :) ,, I’d like to say that you’re a very talented writer, I read some of your notes & really I like the spirit of writing you have, so keep the good work up & just keep writing tell the end :D, BTW I Also write but I can’t call myself a writer :D, But at least I know that you’re a good writer, Bye ,, wishing you a happy Eid , salam

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