Letters to be Sent


Dear October,
Please don’t come too soon. I fear you.

Dear Physiology,
Please let me pass past you. I really don’t like our current stance.

Dear ex-boyfriends,
Stop being annoying. She’s not taking you back. If you had her once, you lose her forever.

Dear Growing-up,
As much as I fear you, I can’t wait for us to actually get along. It hurts when I stumble upon you every now and then. We really do need to sort things out. I have to learn about you. You need to embrace me. But please, stay kind.

Dear Death,
I know how grand you are. To me you’ve been and will always be so majestic, but please give me a break. I need one!

Dear Germany,
I really really don’t like you. And I’m not explaining why!

Dear Pillow Fights,
I truly miss you. Come back. It’s safe now.

Dear Brain Cells,
Re-generate. Coma is gone.

Dear Someone,
You really are somebody to someone. To me, you mean the world. And in every second you’re alive, you’re loved.

Dear Forgetfulness,
I wish you were as kind as they said you would be. But you are not. And so far, you’re painful and scary.

Dear lonely,
You’re not alone in this. Hold on.

To Shoes,
You’re the next best thing after chocolate. Stay comfortable.

Dearest Insecure,
Everybody is beautiful. If they smile.

You’re more than who we are. And we’re just too complex to bend, so we shatter.

Darling Darling Sea,
We shall meet soon. I love you.

Dear Pen,
I know nothing but how to hold you. Please don’t run dry. I put my weight on you.

Yours truly


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