Dream a Little Dream of Us


For a dreamer, night’s the only time of day.  ~From the movie Newsies

In my dreams, I find answers to questions I haven’t dared to ask yet.

As exclusive praying, thinking and writing could ever be, I always stay a little more vulnerable to exposure than when I’m dreaming. When I dream, it’s all me. I rule the lands inside my head.

In my dreams I’m never old. In my dreams, we’ll stay young forever.
Tonight, I’m not ruining what I have by desiring that which I don’t. Because in my dreams, I’m free to desire and stay safe. I’m free to hold on to a thought of you. I’m free to miss you.. I’m free to be yours.

I trust myself with testing the limits of my dreams, and that’s all the courage I’ll need to succeed.
And tonight I’ll let my dreams illustrate what my soul whispers.

And they’ll name a city after us.. We’ll grow old, but stay young in my head.. at the heart.


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