Ever the Same


Love is fragile. That’s part of why they say it’s hard to hold on to, but still impossible to let go of.
And yet, with all the strength we’ve got, we fight for that fragile emotion, wishing that against all odds, it wouldn’t shatter or fly away.

Everytime you come my way, I push you away. I will keep on pushing you.

We will stand in the wind, and we’ll be free like water.. We’ll flow down, under the warmth of the sun and in the cool air of the night.

I need you to carry all my weight, but I’m no burden.  I’m no burden at all.

And you’ll always want me, and you’ll always stay inside of me.
And we’ll both stay in love, close but distant, cold on fire, stone but stars, shaken but still.. Everything changes, and we remain ever the same.


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