The Exquisite Art of Randomness (Part II)


– When walking down the street, cross it, so that you can walk in the sunshine!

– There’s a bright side to everything, one is a broken heart. It means you’ve tried for something.

– If you want to know what kind of person you are, take a look at the kids around you.

– Your soul beholds some cracks, don’t hide them away.. stay open. Stay open for the light of God to come inside.

– They’ve learnt that life goes on. I’ve learnt that in order for it to go on, you’ve got to leave little pieces of you behind.

– God puts little pieces of Him inside each and every one of us. If not, then how would we learn about His Greatness?

– In order to be loved by anybody, you’ve got to be seen first.

– Open your inner eyes, you’ll find a supreme soul that’s at eternal peace.

– If you can’t love the life you live, you won’t live the life you love.

– What really blocks trust is the inability to hope.

– Never apologize for crying. This emotion is what makes you real.

– When people walk out on you, besides the selfishness.. who gives them the right to push you away? In what world are you entitled to walk away just because the person walked out on you? It’s your right to stand your grounds. It’s your right to hold onto someone’s place in your life.

– What makes faith the most noble level of trust, is the fact that when you have faith, you walk face-first full speed into the dark with a bubble over your head prepared for both; best.. and worst.

– As we grow older we’ve got to teach our hearts that this is destiny.

– When karma’s gone, it’s safe. Let go.

– What is a resting place for the mind? Your heart :)

– Why have you been chasing happiness throughout your life, when bliss has always been there; in a prayer.

– When it rains, the ground only becomes sturdier.

– Nobody knows anybody enough to hate them.

– Wherever you go. You’ll come back. Because you’re always here. You’re loved.


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