Your Voice and Saturday Mornings


I never knew what it really meant to miss the sound of a voice until yesterday.

I lost conversation and nothing could have ever scared me more. I just stood there saying the same word over and over again.. I couldn’t exactly remember how it was, but I never lost how it felt like. That’s one thing I can’t lose.

“hi wifey” is what keeps me warm on saturday mornings.. the same voice I am afraid I’d lose, the same voice carried by the sound that I am missing so much.

I miss you rambling when you’re nervous. I miss you starting to talk about how fat you look right before the minute I open my mouth to tell you how much weight you’ve lost. I miss you trying to avoid the junk food section at the super market. I miss you thinking that your mum is pushing you and how she believes that you thrive under pressure, when you think you don’t.. and you actually do :)

The little things really did turn out to be the big ones after all. I miss Saturday mornings a lot Julie, a lot.

“Don’t it get lonely out there, little darling
Well come on home
I’ll be here with open arms
To hold you
When you arrive
I’ll be here with open arms
To show you
Where you belong
If you’re missing come on home
Come on home– Bethany Joy Lenz”


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