Always Somewhere


I had the world at my feet, and I still ran back to you..

And I don’t know what it would be like; will I always keep running back to you? Or was it only this night? Or maybe, just maybe you’re where I belong.

I might have not known you for too long, but it was long enough to block the world out and bring you in when I needed someone. But I don’t want to need you. I don’t want anything to do with you. Not out of hatred, but out of pure fervency.

So maybe, only maybe, something will always bring me back to you, but I will never settle.. Maybe that’s what I need and all you can give, but then again.. you’ll never be enough, even though you’ve always been more than I could take.

You hurt me, I cried you a river, built a bridge and got over it.. And I look back every single day waiting for the moment I’d be strong enough to burn it down.

So long my shelter, so long my love.. Close that door behind you, one more time, because we’re bound to hurt each other everyday that we live.

Nobody knew what happened to Cinderella after her prince had found her.. happily ever after-s are relative, yet happiness lied for them.. always somewhere.


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