The Last Postcard


Life is as beautiful as it gets. always.

If you haven’t seen life through someone else’s eyes, you shouldn’t expect them to scope the world through your lens. And you shouldn’t settle when you’re asked to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Yet, be considerate. Because considerate is different; considerate is when your best defense is a reminder of your common sense.

And when you’re not a young kid anymore. When your worst nightmare is not being able to dress your barbie or breaking your plastic sword, you’ll be trapped in a beautiful disaster called maturity. When the world delivers you to maturity, you’ll learn how to make mistakes. New ones. And you’ll be confused, but it’s okay to be confused. The world has gone out of it’s way to teach you rough lessons, and it’s still the same thing that causes you problems. On the other hand to all of this, there will be your friends and family. There will always be the people who matter, even when you believe no one matters anymore.. At the end of the day, you breathe for someone. And you find that that world that causes you problems and brings you mistakes and heartaches is the very same one that brings you family and friends. And in a way, you’ll realize that, somehow, no matter what, this world will always protect you. This world is your life. And your life is good.

It’s that leap of faith, that jumping-of-the-bridge-hope-you-grow-wings-on-your-way-down that keeps you going. Take your chances… Grow up.
Growing up is full of big moments. Some of them you might see coming. Some of them you won’t notice passing by at all.

You don’t want to look back at your life in a few years and wonder who you are. We have a great tendancy to take life as an inexhaustible matter and yet everything happens a few times in life. A very limited number of times actually.
How many more times will you remember an afternoon from your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive your life without it? a few times maybe. How many times will you catch a silverlining? Will you chase a butterfly? Will you make a breakthrough? Will you make your parents proud? Or will sit down at night and watch the full moon rising for the last time?
We always ask ourselves when was the last time we did something for the first time, and we stopped wondering when the last time to do something for the first time will be.

Don’t wait for gold, look for that silverlining.

Life is beautiful. And so are you :)


2 thoughts on “The Last Postcard

  1. amrlabib

    I like the part “We always ask ourselves when was the last time we did something for the first time, and we stopped wondering when the last time to do something for the first time will be.” It very much describes the kind of boring life we sometimes tend to loose ourselves to. We loose that adventurous spirit in our childhood; the price we pay for maturity. But I guess we should actually stop wondering when the last time we do something for the first time will be. We should always find a way to do firsts. One is never too old for firsts. We should keep trying to be young at hearts. And yes, life is indeed beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much Amr for your comment, highly appreciated =)
    but I think that we think too much about what we’re going to do for the first time allowing it to consume our thoughts, time and effort that we completely forget that time really is not a factor here, time is of the essence and it’s not on our side. So if we life on the edge, live as if there’s no tomorrow, that we have no time but to execute and live to the fullest, I think we’ll get the best of life.

    and yes, life is beautiful and it will always be =)

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