When You Go


One day you’re going to wake up and you’ll realize you want to go.
One day you’ll realize that you’re staying where you don’t belong.
One day you’ll know that I was right, and you were scared to fall for the truth.
And one day, you’ll learn how to see things through my eyes. And then you’ll fall in love with me allover again.

That night, when the whole world walks out on you, and you have walked out on me… All you’d have to do is hurry up a little, make it through the distance, and I’ll be there. Ahead of you. And maybe you’d find out, that we set ourselves up for the greatest fall of all times.

And in your dreams at night, when you’re safely permitted to be insane, you’ll figure out how much you miss me, because you can only miss me in your dreams. When you’ve lost the last bit of your sanity.

I will not hate you, I promise. Neither will you hate me. Nobody knows anybody enough to hate them anyway.

This is a love letter. This is a love letter sealed with impair.


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