The Exquisite Art of Randomness


– A smile is good, so always smile. You never know how the person you smile at feels, he might need that smile, captures it and cherishes it forever.

– There is always a right time to do something, it’s just not everyday.

– Disney cartoons messed up our expectations.

– You can’t blame the fish for being unable to breathe on land. Don’t.

– Don’t trap yourself in the thought that it’s alright when it’s not.

– Death has always been so majestic to me. It’s the greatest proof and mystery at the same time; you know what’s going to happen, but you don’t actually see it till you can’t talk about it.

– A baby is born with basic needs that are constantly satisfied and met by everyone, thus he grows up thinking it will always be that easy.

– Accept no one’s definition of your life.

– Don’t EVER compromise in what you believe in. If you’ll go there, go till the end.

– Never lose your “potential” to dream.

– When you lie in bed at night, don’t close your eyes and ask yourself questions you can’t answer, and that includes all the -What ifs-.

– When they tell you to never cry over spilt milk, they mean things that won’t cry over you!

– When you are told to enjoy the little things, that is because one day you might look back and realize they were the big things.

– Forgetting and letting go, people usually mistaken one for the other. When you are told to let go, it doesn’t mean you have to forget what you’ve been through. On the contrary, you’ve to embrace what you’ve learnt from that experience and that would only happen if you remember.

– People are always scared of death, and only a few are scared of an unlived life.

– Why do we get so excited about the end of the story when the epic part is right in the middle of it?

– Never change for someone. After you do, all they want you to do is change again. And as hard as it was to change the first time, to give up everything you knew, and be half empty afterwards, it’s always harder the second time. And in no time, as soon as you find some solid ground and feel like things are getting better, you’ll have to change again.

– The could haves are taken care of, because if they should have they would have.

– It is.. and it isn’t.. then it is.. but it’s worth it, every single time.

– Too many people miss the silver lining, because what’s expected is always gold.


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