And He Shall Call it “Love”


And as he puts it all together, and the rich aroma of hope, certainty, fear, rush, and many other splendid things fills his chest, thoughts of what he should call the formula in hand were floating in his head..

Omar turns 7 today. Omar is my 2nd cousin, and one of my all time favourites. I loved him since the day I saw him, he was 2 at that time because he was born and lived for a few short years in Saudi Arabia. Omar’s smile can change your world, and it definitely had changed mine.
I saw Omar today at our cousin’s wedding, he thought that this celebration was in honour of his birthday, and he completely ignored the fact that it was Sarah’s wedding. There was a chocolate fountain at a distant corner and he grabbed a chair and just sat there, enjoying his very own celebration of the day he was born. My sister, I and his sisters joined in. He kept telling us jokes and telling each and every one how beautiful they looked. He asked to dance with me when it was time for couples to slow dance, and you  can’t turn Omar’s smile down, it will be your loss anyway.
I remember a couple of years ago, I was reading him a book and feeding him strawberry jello worms (his favourite), and he suddenly jumped over me squeezed me really tight, I expected an “I love you” to come out of his mouth at that moment, instead, he asked me if we could play football! And again, I couldn’t turn him down at that time, as always.
Today, as I was leaving the wedding, I made him promise me that he comes over to spend the weekend with me, his reply was that I’m beautiful, he loves me, he wants to become a pilot and he blew me a kiss.
Omar is a 7 year old piece of heaven and he has Down’s Syndrome.

The Bouquet.  The bouquet is nothing but a beautiful bunch of flowers of which the bride throws at her wedding, and superstitions state that the girl who catches it might very well be next in line. I never believed in that, yet I love the rush. Over the past couple of years, I’ve enjoyed catching the bouquet at every wedding I’d attend. But today, today was different. I had absolutely no intention of catching it. I stood at distance, and I watched the crowd of girls exchange mean looks perfectly disguised in a fake smile, each of them ready to slit a throat for the bouquet.
3,2,1… and something falls at my feet. She threw it waaay up high,  it crosses a distance not less than 30 meters and falls at my feet, girls run over to me and stare, and I was staring at the bouquet; as if it’d burn my hand if I touch it.
I slowly bend to hold it with millions of thoughts rushing through my mind, could it be? Something there? And for the first time, holding the bouquet felt overwhelming, and the rush was mixed with fear. Fear of what is there to come. Fear of the future. Fear of what’s good, because that too is a responsibility.

Nada is getting married. And I’m the maid of honour. Nada is getting married. MARRIED. I’m scared and excited as she could ever be. She loves him, he loves her and they took their time making up their mind and making sure they chose right. Yesterday, she signed off the single life. It was her Katb Elketab, and she looked beautiful. Her – now- husband looked at her with utter admiration and pride, like he was telling himself; I’ve won myself a prize that’s so sacred, I’m going to take full care and responsibility of till my last breath. And she had this look on her face.. I still don’t have words to describe how heavenly it were.

Sarah crossed the ring. Now it’s on her left hand. It looks more beautiful. She looks more happy. And now, she’s got a ring on her finger, time and love in her hand.

These ingredients could be used in different portions for different reasons, with different effects as well; he thought to himself. He poured the potion into a small bottle, for he believed that it’s effect lied in the strength and not the quantity. He placed the bottle into the old cupboard and whispered “And I shall call it ‘love’.”


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